Acne treatment for African American skin nyc new york ny

Retin A is a very common acne treatment that many people use. This can lighten your skin. For your type of skin, I would consider a sensitive skin cleanser this will help decrease your inflammation that you might be getting with other products. Having a skin cleanser with salicylic acid 2% is vitally important. This ingredient will kill off bacteria that causes acne. A topical antibiotic cream with clindamycin can really help when things get really bad for you in terms of pustules and infections. A toner with salicylic acid can help after cleansing your skin with the cleanser above.
Also there are creams that you can use with alpha and beta hydroxy acids that work synergistically to help fight off acne. You may still want to have a Retin A product, they help with Acne in different ways. But you can hold off on it until the other products don't work. Retin A helps break down the adhesion of the skin cells that can lead to your pores getting clogged up, etc