Different Types of Acne Scars Demand Different Treatments nyc new york ny

Acne scarring not only is a very disconcerting condition, but it can sometimes be very difficult to treat. As there are many different types of scars, including atrophic, depressed, broad-based, pitted, box-car, punched-out, ice-pick, there are several different treatments that work well alone or in combination for certain types of acne scars. As mentioned by others, it is also very important to aggressively treat active acne so as to prevent further scarring.  In our office, we have excellent results on most types of acne scars with a combination of filling with liquid injectable silicone, electrosurgery (superficial burning of the scars) and punch excision.  The most important thing is that you find a board-certified dermatologist or facial plastic surgeon who has a lot of experience in treating acne scars