How to get rid of acne scars nyc new york ny

Acne scars can cause red or brown discoloration and uneven skin contour. Usually multiple types of treatments are needed for maximum improvement. Patience is key since the full effect is often not seen for several months. 

Skin discoloration and texture can be improved with topical treatments like hydroquinone and Retin-A, but for deeper scars and more significant discoloration, other techniques are needed.

Small, deep acne scars can be treated with surgical excision, which will ideally trade a depressed and discolored scar for a thin, flat scar.This is often followed by other resurfacing techniques like laser, chemical peel or dermabrasion to further smooth the skin and minimize scarring.

Other techniques to improve large or numerous scars involve resurfacing the skin by intentionally traumatizing it in order to stimulate collagen production. This thickens the skin and shrinks the surface area of the scar, and color may be improved as well. The Cross technique uses a very concentrated TCA peel. There are multiple types of laser as well, and the best choice depends on the degree of improvement needed as well as your skin color. Unfortunately options are limited for patients with dark skin due to an increased risk of skin discoloration.

Risks for all these techniques include temporary or permanent lightening or darkening of treated skin, crusting, scabbing, persistent or new scarring, reactivation of cold sores, infection, redness, acne flares, and milia formation.