Ice Pick Acne Scaring treatment with CROSS technique and fractional laser resurfacing nyc new york ny

Ice pick acne scaring as the name implies, are deep fissures in the skin that extend well below the surface of the skin, which is why they are difficult to treat. For this reason, surface laser treatments even aggressive lasers such as CO2 lasers alone do not necessarily get to the base of the lesion to make much of an improvement. This is why excising the scar or grafting the scar has been suggested, however these approaches leave alternative scars, sometimes better but also with there own set of issues. A novel alternative is the CROSS technique where we use strong acid to burn the base of the scar creating a wound healing response that can restructure the wound in a way that lifts the base and contracts the edges. This is done over a series of treatments, often then combined with more surface laser treatments.