Chemical Peels Cystic Acne NYC New York NY

To maintain your improvement following chemical peels there are a couple of options:

Perform chemical peels on a regular basis to try to reach the same improvement each time. Generally, the repetitive peels will stimulate more collagen to soften fine lines. But of course each chemical peel comes with downtime (healing time), redness to fade, potential complications
Use a regimen of topical retinoids with possible use of glycolic acids and/or hydroquinones to augment the effect of the retinoids.
Generally, the second option is the best one. If you get a good result from your chemical peel (I'm assuming a medium or deep peel since superficial peels are something that you would continue on a regular basis), then you probably won't "need" another peel for a couple of years. But key to this is protecting your skin from further sun or ultaviolet damage and using a prescription-strength retinoid to continue to stimulate collagen synthesis after you're healed. This will help to maintain the results from your chemical peel, speed healing after the chemical peel, minimize some of the potential complications afterward, and spread out the distance to your next chemical peel.