Author on Book How to Eliminate the Causes of Acne NYC New York NY

Like the poster above I also did not get good results with the many acne drugs like Proactive or even Acutane which was linked to lots of health problems and made me stop taking it. This book seems to have me on the way to clearing up my skin, at least for the time being, and I especially like how the author talks about causes of acne that I've never heard from my dermatologist. The book seems well researched and so far many of the little tips have me excited about healthy living again for fighting acne. I can see the connections and I can see this working. Just have to give it some more time but I like having this on the Kindle so that I can check it out when I'm relaxing at the coffee shop or somewhere else on the go. Altogether i think that it is sound advice for someone who has had stubborn acne and wants a new approach.