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The Doctors Who Invented Proactiv® Weigh In
You don’t have to pick a dermatologist’s brain to know that picking your face probably isn’t the best way to go about dealing with your acne. But it’s never a bad idea to take your questions to an expert—and honestly, when it comes to acne experts, does it get any better than Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields, the doctors who created the most recognizable acne brand on the planet? We think not, which is why we took the most common acne questions we see straight to them. Read on to see what they had to say about the sun, your pores, spot treatments and more.

COMMON QUESTION: The sun is good for my acne, right?
THE DOCTORS’ VERDICT: No matter how many times it’s refuted by medical professionals, this myth somehow persists … and we’re happy to debunk it once more. The sun most certainly does not “help” acne. In fact, it does just the opposite, and here’s how: When your tan inevitably fades, your skin will shed more cells than usual. This buildup will clog your pores and trigger additional breakouts, likely within a couple of weeks. Also? The camouflaging effect of a tan is fleeting, but the darkening of acne scars and marks can last for months, or even longer. To avoid all these issues, avoid baking in the sun and protect your skin every day of the year—even if it’s not sunny! As long as your product’s label reads “oil free,” “non-acnegenic,” or “non-comedogenic,” it shouldn’t break you out.